Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crew vs D.C. United

Well the last game of the regular season was quite an exciting one. I was able to bring two fellow OUers up to their first ever Crew game. The experience was mixed they both enjoyed the game but one was hit square in the back twice by flying beer in post goal/game celebrations. which is something we all know could be rather off putting. Anyways here are the photo's taken both by me, one of the newbies and a CSC dude.


In celebration of the Massive Crew's first Trophy of 2008 here is my latest piece of propaganda. Here's to the regular season champs, anywhere else in the world and we'd have won it all, next up the MLS Cup.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fifa 09, Massive Cover

Well the newest Version of Fifa comes out tomorrow, and while the game is absolutely gorgeous there is one problem. There is a Terrible F.C. player on the cover. So in response I bring you the first of what should be several Massive Alternate covers. The cover photo's will/are provided by Studio 79, the best Crew photographer in the biz for my money.

Edit: Here's a Playstation version for those of us still hooked on Sony