Thursday, May 29, 2008

MLSR Lies and Libel

The Following is the last I will post on this outrageous subject but I feel since people still visit my site via that pot of Lies at MLSR it is fitting. Aside from inflammatory and false remarks the author of that site posted here is proof provided by "Foosinho" of big soccer that she also provided doctored images in an attempt to intentionally discredit me.

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I can prove - or, at least, provide some compelling evidence - that this is a photoshop job by MLS Rumors.

First, the image is a PNG. Why would a defunct 1980s thrash metal band create a PNG. How could they? The image format was not invented until the late 90s, and did not come into widespread use until the mid 00s.

Second, the image for the fist looks suspiciously like the logo for the First International Swedish Tournament in Karate.

In fact, it's identical, except for the poorly drawn extension of the wrist and muscles.

If you look at the star, the border is poorly spaced - it's certainly not a professional bit of graphic design.

Finally, if you compare the "Wehrmacht" text in the image to the actual band logo:

... you'll notice that it's a particularly poor cut-and-paste job. Where's the border around the text? You can see hints of it in some places, but none in others.

This is a fake, done specifically to mimic the bit of graphic art already existing that was created by a Crew fan.

MLS Rumors is a bullshit hack site with zero credibility. Nobody should ever go there again.

I feel this says it all, MLSR is a hack site that will purposefully lie and slander others for their own gain. It should also be noted that the host of the site did not come on to Crewture podcast to explain why she would make such offensive and outrageous statements. The Shroud of internet anonymity must be nice to hide behind.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crew vs Revs (part 2)

Well here is the second part of my pictures from the NE game.

Recently MLS Rumors has made serious and totally baseless statements accusing me of amongst other things being a nazi. These are serious allegations which have made me quite furious, to accuse someone of something like that without ever speaking to that person is outrageous. I am seriously offended by this I can not believe a site that portrays itself as an MLS news and rumors site would make such inflammatory and baseless statements. My images are just for fun and more based off old russian and soviet pictures. MLSR has become nothing more than a worthless inflammatory site that is making slanderous statements without any thought to what they mean or having checked any of their so called "facts". Anyone who has seen my site via their links I invite you to check my posts and challenge you to find any racist statements or nazi insignia. Also Should the "writer" over at MLSR accept crewture's invite to the podcast I have asked to be another guest speaker. Perhaps hiding behind the shroud of internet anonymity makes it easy to say such erroneous things but calling me that to my face is something else entirely. Anyways sorry to rant, here are my images from this weeks game.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crew vs Revs (part 1)

Massive Massive crowd at the game saturday, however lets all remember to keep the smoke bombs "batteries and machete's" in the stands next time. anyways here are the pictures i was able to take at the match. Also for what it's worth, i don't think it should come down to a ref deciding the game, terrible terrible call.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


At the request of some on the Big Soccers and at my own boredom I bring you the next Batch of Crew Propaganda. Some are changes made to old soviet war and revolutionary posters while others are simply inspired by them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Indie Propaganda

After Watching Juno (which I find to be a rather over rated movie) and going to this lovely little website.

I felt the need to emulate these "hip" and "free thinking" "independent" art styles with my own Crew based Propaganda. So without further delay I bring you three new wallpapers which you may or may not want to put on your computer depending on how indie hip you are.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guerilla Graphics

Floating around the Big Soccer was an idea to take the "north face" logo and change it around to fit the "North Corner" ideals. well thanks to BG13 of the Big Soccers it has been done. So here it is the "North Corner" this is not my design but we both felt that it should be brought to fore and shown to all those who are true crew.

Also I would like to thank everyone who voted in the poll "The Fans" was the winning wall and Next game I'm back or I'll take pictures that can be turned into similarly themed walls.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vain Wallpaper

It has recently been pointed out to me on the Bigsoccers that I am not indulging my vanity nearly enough. I am inclined to agree with this, so with that in mind I'm hoping to have my ego bolstered to a level equal to that of a TFC supporter. I would like to blindly believe that I am the biggest baddest man on the planet who invented such things as art and throwing streamers. So with that in mind I bring you the poll about which one of my spectacularly amazing pieces of interweb propaganda. This is your chance to tell me just how cool I in fact am.

Not really I just want to know which kinds of backgrounds people like so I can make more that people will enjoy. Though the part about indulging my Vanity may be just a bit true.

The Fans

We Shall Not Be Moved


Massive (yellow)

Massive (black)

Flag (gold)

flag (black)


the colour

Never Quit

'till I die

welcome to columbus

Viva Columbus

The Nordecke

Also if anyone has the Lamar Hunt Wallpaper with "We Shall Not Be Moved" phrase and could send it to me that would be great I had to reboot my computer and lost some images.