Monday, January 31, 2011

The many faces of Jeff Cunningham

One of the Crew's prodigal sons, Jeff Cunningham has returned home. Signing a few days ago with the club to a multi-year deal that will undoubtedly see him break not only the Crew scoring record but that of Major League Soccer as well. Over on the Columbus Crew offical website they have a lovely story and a lovely picture of our boy Jefro. But seeing how Jeff is a many of many faces, (and lately many clubs) I figured It'd be worth posting several more pictures of the soon to be record breaking striker so we here in the Capital City can get acquainted with our favorite love him or hate him striker.

Here's Jeff back in the good old days and one of his many attempts at unpowered human flight

Jefro looking thrilled as can be up in Toronto; a club known for their goal scoring prowess.

Jeff using his superman like powers of freeze breath. He was given a second yellow and 3 match ban for use of superpowers.

Here he is upon viewing the "crowds" for the FCD playoff game

Cunny seen excitedly recounting a fishing


Friday, January 28, 2011

Propaganda: Be Massive

We've all seen the posters, "Keep Calm and Carry On". The prototypical English attitude that was meant to be plastered all over the streets of the UK had their island been invaded by the Nazis. Thankfully we're under no threat of an invasion here in Ohio but we can still enjoy some good old fashioned propaganda plastered all over our Computer Screens. So this off season when you start freaking out about how few players we have on roster, or who will step up to lead the team just remember; Keep Call and Be Massive.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Propaganda: Skyline

Columbus is a beautiful city full of great people and interesting places. At every Crew game "Columbus 'til I Die" is sung, usually on more than one occasion though out the match. So to honor the fair city we all know and love here's a new piece of desktop propaganda, enjoy.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CSU Labor

The Columbus Crew Supporters Union stands and works hard every game that the Massive club involves itself in. Be it at home, on the road or in the bar the men and women of the CSU give it their all. So in show of solidarity if you will I came up with this poster based off an old Union Labor poster from "back in the day". Keep up the good work CSU and everyone else, don't forget, when you're at a Crew game Look for the Union label!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Propaganda: Droid Wallpapers

Everyone's got a smart phone theses days it seems, so to make the background of your new favorite gizmos more Massive here is a selection of new/redone wallpapers. They're done to a 900x854 resolution as per a request over over on If theirs a different resolution that is preferable/better feel free to let me know down in the comments section and I can update what I have when I get the chance.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Propaganda: Team Honors

Rather than honoring any specific player this piece of crew related propaganda honors the whole team. Currently holding Five nice shiny bits of hardware the Columbus Crew sit only behind DC, LA and Shitcago in the race to have the fullest trophy case in MLS. With any luck I'll have to update this image at the end of the season.

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Back to Work

The Massive club is getting back to work today. After a nice, and a bit too long, winter break it was finally time or the boys to get back to practice at the SuperKick indoor facilities. The Crew's two picks from the supplemental draft and international Sebastian Miranda were not present for the first practice but Last year's pick Kwaku Nyamekye ,who missed last season, was in attendance. Given the expanded roster size and Front office's familiarity with Nyamekye from training with him last year expect to see him as a permanent part of the roster this season.

Other notes, the Crew re-signed under used midfielder Leandre Griffit this week as well.

As of this moment here is the way the 2011 roster is shaping up:

Senior Roster: 18 to 20. 14/20 filled.
#. Position. Player, Nationality, Age, DOB, Roster Notes, '10 Salary Base/Guar.
1. GK William Hesmer, USA, 29, 11-23-81, $125k/$136k
2. GK Andy Gruenebaum, USA, 28, 12-30-82, $40k/$40k
3. D Chad Marshall, USA, 26, 8-22-84, $250k/$320,000
4. D Andy Iro, England, 26, 11-26-84, Green Card, $52,360/$71,110
5. D Sebastian Miranda, 30, 8-26-80, Chile, ???
6. D Kwaku Nyamekye, Switzerland, 23, 10-4-87, $???/$???, (2010 Draft Pick)
7. D/M Danny O'Rourke, USA, 27, 5-31-83, $110k/$122,500
8. M Eddie Gaven, USA, 24, 10-25-86, $190,575/$190,575
9. M Robbie Rogers, USA, 23, 5-12-87, $115k/$115k
10. M Emmanuel Ekpo, Nigeria, 23, 12-20-87, Green Card, $155k/$177,250
11. M Leandre Griffit, France, 26, 5/21/84, International, ???/???
12. F/M Emilio Renteria, Venezuela, 26, 10-9-84, International, $108k/$109,875
13. F Andres Mendoza, Peru, 32, 4-26-78, International, $216k/$240,833.33
14. F Tom Heinemann, USA, 23, 4-23-87, ??/?? (Could be Exempt/Under 24 Roster)
15-20. Open

Salary Cap Exempt Roster: 4 of 4 (any age).
1. M Dilaver Duka, USA, 21, 9-15-89, Gen. Adidas, $80k/$213k
2. D Shaun Francis, Jamaica, 24, 10-2-86, Internt'l, $40k/$40k
3. M Kevin Burns, USA, 25, 3-26-85, $40k/$40k
4. D/M Josh Williams, USA, 22, 4-18-88, $40k/$40k

Under Roster, Salary exempt, including Home Grown Players: 0 of 6
1. D/M Rich Balchan, USA, 21, 1-18-89 (Indiana). First round Superdraft.
2. F Justin Meram, USA, 22, 12-4-88 (Michigan). First round Superdraft.
3. M Cole Grossman, USA, 21, 4-10-89 (Duke). Second round Superdraft.
4. M Bernardo Anor, Venezuela, 22, 5-24-88, (South Florida), Third round Superdraft.
5. M/D Ben Sippola, USA, 21, 7-13-89, (Butler), Supplemental 2nd round
6. M/F Andy Adlard, USA, 22, 8-7-88, (Inidana), Supplemental 3rd round

Big thanks to "TrueCrew" of for putting that list together.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Propaganda: Danny O

First new wallpaper since I've been back isn't anything crazy elaborate, just a tribute to local boy Danny O'Rourke. The 2009 team MVP spent most of the 2010 season injured but coming back in 2011 figures to be a key part of the Columbus Defense and even perhaps moving up to his traditional Defensive Mid Role.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

HSH 5 year logo ideas

The Hudson Street Hooligans will be celebrating their 5th year in their 2011. As part of this one of the membership items will bear a special design created by one of the members. What follows are my ideas, first for the 5 year logo and the second for the 2011 member t-shirt.

5 year logo submission

T-shirt logo submission


HSH Wild West Show

Just a little poster Idea I had the other day. Though, I don't know that any of the Hooligans have bull a lot riding experience.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who are the Crew?

A whimper not a bang.
That was how the 2010 season ended for the Massive Club. Brian Carroll's tragically missed PK sent the would be champion Rapids onto the next round and left the black and gold faithful in stunned silence. The off season however would be a completely different story. The Crew Front Office hit the ground running and have totally blown up the roster that brought them an MLS Cup in 2008, having sent more heads rolling than the french revolution.(though the FO promises us this isn't a rebuild) While many aren't happy with the way the team went about the process of gutting the club, the simple fact is that many of our beloved legends such as Guillermo, Frankie and St.Duncan weren't what they used to be. Our judgment on their playing abilities is forever compromised. Our heads are full of moments like Duncan's Bike ride up in Rochester, or Frankie's MLS Cup goal off that Magical Guille pass, we're fatally biased. What happened in many ways needed to happen, though that doesn't mean the problems left behind aren't worth getting upset over.

The biggest problem in their departure is less about what they brought on the field and more about what they brought off of it. Those three men were the face of the Columbus Crew. They made the Massive Club, massive.
The new band of players that will take the field for Columbus next year seem to lack that same soul that had been present in those men. They brought passion and leadership to the team, they were Icons. Frankie, Guille, Dunc's and BC were the four men who regularly wore the armband when they were on the field and now they're gone. Add to that the fact that an emerging fan favorite and face of the team, Lenhart, is now gone as well. [Say what you will about his finishing, but the man was active in the community and was a boon the the Locker Room] The old guard of leaders and the identity that the team had formed around them has left, and The 2011 Crew right now are shaping up to be a rock group without a frontman.

Not all is lost though, The Crew as a team still have a solid core to build around. Guys like Hesmer, Marshall, Gaven, Rogers, Ekpo, and Francis are all players good enough to keep the team going. The problem is that everyone of those men is a humble team player. I know that sounds strange but it's true. The players left at the core of the team lack the panache that we all knew in loved in our fallen legends. Guillermo was a crafty puppet master who could do anything with the ball, Frankie was the never say die surfer who could run for days, and St. Duncs was the Comic Kiwi and longest tenured veteran. They were the guys the team built it's identity around. The ones who people came to see and the community associated with this team.

There are still some players left who have the potential to step into the spotlight and grab the Mic. Guys like O'rourke, and Renteria have the personality, but aren't as universally loved. Also New players like Heinemann seem to have the personality that can quickly endear a player to fans. New players are still yet to be acquired as well The Crew are still far from having filled out it's roster for the start of the season and someone will have to step up to fill the void. The test will be time. Results speak volumes, and for a team that's being put back together like the Crew a new identity has to emerge. For the sake of the fans hopefully it emerges quickly and we find an answer to the question, Who can make Columbus, massive again?


Site overhaul

Hello again,

It's been quite some time since I've posted anything on here. There's no real reason for why I've been away, just out being busy for the most part. However I do plan on updating much more frequently now that I've found more time. I also plan on reworking the blog to be better than before and with different content beyond the imagery. Whether this keeps up or I once again fall into the trap of laziness will become apparent in the coming weeks, but seeing as we're deep in the heart of the MLS off season I figure now is a good time to ease back into the swing of things. That's all for now, just figured I'd give you my only reader an update.