Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crew vs TFC (3rd leg)

Saturday brought us one of the most exciting and nerve racking games in recent memory. The Crew secured the longest home unbeaten streak in MLS history and the Trillium Cup in dramatic fashion. Massive in-freakin'-deed!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Better Dead Than Red

This saturday is third installment in the battle for the Trillium Cup, and while the trophy is largely meaningless being able to send Terrible F*cking Club home with a loss is always great.
So in preparation for this upcoming game I figured I'd post a few new song idea's that have been bounced around over on

#1 (to the tune of "if you're happy and you know it")
I'd rather be dead than be a red *clap clap*
Oh I'd rather be dead than be a red *clap clap*
I'd rather be dead, I'd rather be dead
I'd rather be dead than be a red!

#2 (The always popular classic with a new twist)
Where's your famous
Where's your famous
Where's your famous red army
Where's your famous red army!

#3 (Take the Link
Build a Bonfire
Build a Bonfire
Put Shitcago on the Top!
Put Toronto in the Middle
and We'll burn the F*cking Lot!

All of these are very easy and very catchy. I personally love the bonfire cheer the best. I'll be gunning to get everyone of these going this Saturday so if you're in Fort Columbus come Saturday lend your voice!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Made in Ohio: Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel was the first ever goalkeeper for the Columbus Crew and is one of the best players ever to put on the Black and Gold. He currently plays for Aston Villa, is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the English Premier league and operates a soccer academy in Northeast Ohio. His legendary status as both a club and national team keeper is one to be marveled at as he is unquestionably the most successful Columbus Crew Alum.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Made in Ohio: Team Ohio

With all the international Soccer going on I started to wonder what an "Ohio National Team" would look like. So I set off into the internet and an went through the rosters of ever MLS and USL-1 team and compiled a list of players who were born or raised in Ohio. This is a very incomplete list and contains only one player who's currently overseas playing in Europe. I plan on updating this as I find more and more players and if you know of any please leave a comment so I can keep it up to date.

[Updated: Troy Perkins is now on the list thanks to our friends on, turns out if you need a goalie, come to Ohio, we have loads of 'em. ]


Brad Friedel----Aston Villa----Cleveland, Ohio -------(Goalkeeper)
Kevin Hartmen---Kansas City---Athens, Ohio------- (Goalkeeper)
Troy Perkins----Valerenga----Worthington, Ohio-----(Goalkeeper)
Dustin Hudock-----Charleston Battery----Cleveland, Ohio----(Goalkeeper)
Evan Bush----Cleveland City-----Concord, Ohio ------(Goalkeeper)
Kenny Schoeni-----Miami FC-----Cincinnati, Ohio----(Goalkeeper)


Eric Brunner----Columbus Crew--- Dublin, Ohio----- (Defender)
Marc Burch----DC United----Cincinnati,Ohio-----(Defender)
Chris Leitch----San Jose----Columbus, Ohio-----(Defender)
Danny O'rourke----Columbus Crew---Worthington, Ohio-----(Defender)
Devon Mckeeny----Carolina Railhawks-----North Olmsted, Ohio-----(Defender)
Mark Schulte---Carolina Railhawks---Brecksville, Ohio------ (Defender)
Dasan Robinson---Chicago Fire---(Born in Illinois) Cleveland, Ohio -----(Defender)


Seth Stammler----New York Redbulls----Columbus, Ohio ----(Defender/Midfielder)
Steve Gillespie----Cleveland City---Brecksville, Ohio----- (Midfielder)
Kwame Sarkodie-----Rochester Rhinos----Dayton, Ohio-----(Midfielder/Defender)
Ryan Pore-----Portland Timbers-----Mansfield, Ohio------(Midfielder/forward)
Dale Weiler-----Minnesota Thunder----Ohio (grew up in Wisconsin)----(Midfielder/forward)


Chris Rolfe--- Chicago Fire---- Kettering, Ohio---- (Forward)
Kolby LaCrone---Cleveland City---Zanesville, Ohio-----(Forward)

If I had to put together a Current starting XI from this group I would have to go with...

Danny O---Burch--- Brunner---Schulte
This isn't exactly a group of world beaters, Other than a solid Defense and a World Class keeper this team has little else going for it. From my little run through the USL-1 and MLS rosters one thing became very apparent. California would run riot through the rest of the USA save, maybe Jersey and New York.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Made in Ohio: Eric Brunner

The Second in the Made in Ohio series is the MLS rookie who's off to a great start filling in the backline and showing real promise as a Centerback for the Massive Club. Hailing from Dublin, Ohio he was a standout for the Ohio State University mens soccer team that made it all the way to the National Championship game in his senior year. Brunner turned down a contract from New Jersey and after a year sharpening his skills down in the minors has returned home to Columbus to play for the team he grew up watching. So without further delay here's our Tribute to the Hometown hero in the making Eric Brunner.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Made in Ohio: Danny O'rourke

The Columbus Crew features many Massive players, but two of them were born and raised right here in the Columbus area. These two players may not be the shining stars on this team, but they do the hard work and shovel the coal down in the engine room and keep the team running. One of which is the hard hitting Danny O'rourke. He's a former Herman Trophy winner and native of Worthington, Ohio and can currently be found prowling the back line and central mid of the Columbus Crew.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Match Day Madness: Crew vs DC United

The Massive club took on the Old Enemy DC United saturday and the end result was an unfortunate Tie. DC's defenders played all out to get in front of Crew shots all through the first half and then dominated the second. The one thing they couldn't stop was Alejandro Moreno's shot off a great flick on header by Steven "Lucky" Lenhart to equalize. Off the field the tailgate this week featured a Live band, Drunken Kickball, Flip Cup, The best Brats from the Union and The best Taco's from La Turbina. All and All it was a great time off the field and a decent but not great result on. Still though the Crew haven't lost at home for well over a year now.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A tribute to the Crew's very own hero and warrior. Super Frankie Hejduk!