Monday, January 31, 2011

The many faces of Jeff Cunningham

One of the Crew's prodigal sons, Jeff Cunningham has returned home. Signing a few days ago with the club to a multi-year deal that will undoubtedly see him break not only the Crew scoring record but that of Major League Soccer as well. Over on the Columbus Crew offical website they have a lovely story and a lovely picture of our boy Jefro. But seeing how Jeff is a many of many faces, (and lately many clubs) I figured It'd be worth posting several more pictures of the soon to be record breaking striker so we here in the Capital City can get acquainted with our favorite love him or hate him striker.

Here's Jeff back in the good old days and one of his many attempts at unpowered human flight

Jefro looking thrilled as can be up in Toronto; a club known for their goal scoring prowess.

Jeff using his superman like powers of freeze breath. He was given a second yellow and 3 match ban for use of superpowers.

Here he is upon viewing the "crowds" for the FCD playoff game

Cunny seen excitedly recounting a fishing


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