Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crew vs TFC: View from the Bar

So finally after over a month without my own laptop I finally have it back. This is a soccer blog so I won't go into the details of my ordeal but lets just say I will never be buying a Dell Computer again after all of that hassle. Onto the game!

It was finally that time of year again, The Massive club were taking on Terrible FC up in the land of ice and snow. This yearly guarantee of at least a point on the road came a good time of the year, Easter Weekend. This meant the usually small crowds that are associated with this were not our problem and we could watch from the comfort of our local bars. I took in the game down at the Hudson Street Hooligans bar on Summit and Oakland. The bar is a members only club that can be joined for just 20 bucks, for which you plenty of goodies to make it worth the trouble. I highly recommend checking it out sometime if you get the chance, It is the only supporters owned bar in the USA and a great place to catch a game.

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