Thursday, July 9, 2009

Made in Ohio: Team Ohio

With all the international Soccer going on I started to wonder what an "Ohio National Team" would look like. So I set off into the internet and an went through the rosters of ever MLS and USL-1 team and compiled a list of players who were born or raised in Ohio. This is a very incomplete list and contains only one player who's currently overseas playing in Europe. I plan on updating this as I find more and more players and if you know of any please leave a comment so I can keep it up to date.

[Updated: Troy Perkins is now on the list thanks to our friends on, turns out if you need a goalie, come to Ohio, we have loads of 'em. ]


Brad Friedel----Aston Villa----Cleveland, Ohio -------(Goalkeeper)
Kevin Hartmen---Kansas City---Athens, Ohio------- (Goalkeeper)
Troy Perkins----Valerenga----Worthington, Ohio-----(Goalkeeper)
Dustin Hudock-----Charleston Battery----Cleveland, Ohio----(Goalkeeper)
Evan Bush----Cleveland City-----Concord, Ohio ------(Goalkeeper)
Kenny Schoeni-----Miami FC-----Cincinnati, Ohio----(Goalkeeper)


Eric Brunner----Columbus Crew--- Dublin, Ohio----- (Defender)
Marc Burch----DC United----Cincinnati,Ohio-----(Defender)
Chris Leitch----San Jose----Columbus, Ohio-----(Defender)
Danny O'rourke----Columbus Crew---Worthington, Ohio-----(Defender)
Devon Mckeeny----Carolina Railhawks-----North Olmsted, Ohio-----(Defender)
Mark Schulte---Carolina Railhawks---Brecksville, Ohio------ (Defender)
Dasan Robinson---Chicago Fire---(Born in Illinois) Cleveland, Ohio -----(Defender)


Seth Stammler----New York Redbulls----Columbus, Ohio ----(Defender/Midfielder)
Steve Gillespie----Cleveland City---Brecksville, Ohio----- (Midfielder)
Kwame Sarkodie-----Rochester Rhinos----Dayton, Ohio-----(Midfielder/Defender)
Ryan Pore-----Portland Timbers-----Mansfield, Ohio------(Midfielder/forward)
Dale Weiler-----Minnesota Thunder----Ohio (grew up in Wisconsin)----(Midfielder/forward)


Chris Rolfe--- Chicago Fire---- Kettering, Ohio---- (Forward)
Kolby LaCrone---Cleveland City---Zanesville, Ohio-----(Forward)

If I had to put together a Current starting XI from this group I would have to go with...

Danny O---Burch--- Brunner---Schulte
This isn't exactly a group of world beaters, Other than a solid Defense and a World Class keeper this team has little else going for it. From my little run through the USL-1 and MLS rosters one thing became very apparent. California would run riot through the rest of the USA save, maybe Jersey and New York.

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