Thursday, May 29, 2008

MLSR Lies and Libel

The Following is the last I will post on this outrageous subject but I feel since people still visit my site via that pot of Lies at MLSR it is fitting. Aside from inflammatory and false remarks the author of that site posted here is proof provided by "Foosinho" of big soccer that she also provided doctored images in an attempt to intentionally discredit me.

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I can prove - or, at least, provide some compelling evidence - that this is a photoshop job by MLS Rumors.

First, the image is a PNG. Why would a defunct 1980s thrash metal band create a PNG. How could they? The image format was not invented until the late 90s, and did not come into widespread use until the mid 00s.

Second, the image for the fist looks suspiciously like the logo for the First International Swedish Tournament in Karate.

In fact, it's identical, except for the poorly drawn extension of the wrist and muscles.

If you look at the star, the border is poorly spaced - it's certainly not a professional bit of graphic design.

Finally, if you compare the "Wehrmacht" text in the image to the actual band logo:

... you'll notice that it's a particularly poor cut-and-paste job. Where's the border around the text? You can see hints of it in some places, but none in others.

This is a fake, done specifically to mimic the bit of graphic art already existing that was created by a Crew fan.

MLS Rumors is a bullshit hack site with zero credibility. Nobody should ever go there again.

I feel this says it all, MLSR is a hack site that will purposefully lie and slander others for their own gain. It should also be noted that the host of the site did not come on to Crewture podcast to explain why she would make such offensive and outrageous statements. The Shroud of internet anonymity must be nice to hide behind.


The Manly Ferry said...

I have two thoughts on this whole incident:

1) If anyone knows who the racial-slurring douchebag is - and I suspect more than one person does - turn him in. There's no excuse for that.

2) I was about to return MLS Rumors to my Bloglines account, but, you're right: that "report" reeks of hack-job. The image-mashes of Crew insignia and Nazi bands add up to nothing more than naked conflation or the worst kind. The "dialog" at the end is one-sided crap, they're crap. No way in hell decent folk should associate with that pile of online shit. I won't be.

Msix9 said...
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Mezzi said...
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Mezzi said...
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Mezzi said...

Greetings, this is Mezzi aka 'Tito' - Lead Vocals for Wehrmacht.

I was chuckling histerically when i first saw this poor job of bad photoshop cut & paste garbage..To set it straight,i had'nt seen this before in my life until now which i came across by accident searching out 'Wehrmacht-band' in Google images..

It has no relation to us whatsoever so please castrate the idiot verbally who took the time to make this if being negative or causing drama was their motive or

FYI to anyone out there globally,WE as a band and as individuals have never had any association with fascism nor Neo-Nazis other then many years ago some showing up at our shows in the past due to our music being heavy,our name of coarse and their curiosity of to which if we are fascist..Nope,sorry charlie,i've beaten up a nazi or two in my past life if that tells you

I'm half Puerto Rican so by any means i could'nt be a true right wing if i ultimately desired it..the rest of the band members share other mixtures of non-aryan blood as well.

The name for our band,which is satirical in the first place,was originally chosen by us at the youthful ages of 16 & 18 randomly out of a Time-Life book to stir up means in definition 'Powerful Army' or War that's that.

On another positive note,we are back together after a 20+ year hiatus,all 5 original members for a full tilt reunion..You can catch us with Hirax at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, CA - Sun. Aug 2nd 2009 or in Portland, OR at Hawthorne Theater for a Headlining show - Sat. Aug 15th 2009

Other shows,a US & Euro tour to follow..As well as new recordings,releases and merchandise..Stay posted on our Myspace..Cheers and best, Mezzi ;-)