Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vain Wallpaper

It has recently been pointed out to me on the Bigsoccers that I am not indulging my vanity nearly enough. I am inclined to agree with this, so with that in mind I'm hoping to have my ego bolstered to a level equal to that of a TFC supporter. I would like to blindly believe that I am the biggest baddest man on the planet who invented such things as art and throwing streamers. So with that in mind I bring you the poll about which one of my spectacularly amazing pieces of interweb propaganda. This is your chance to tell me just how cool I in fact am.

Not really I just want to know which kinds of backgrounds people like so I can make more that people will enjoy. Though the part about indulging my Vanity may be just a bit true.

The Fans

We Shall Not Be Moved


Massive (yellow)

Massive (black)

Flag (gold)

flag (black)


the colour

Never Quit

'till I die

welcome to columbus

Viva Columbus

The Nordecke

Also if anyone has the Lamar Hunt Wallpaper with "We Shall Not Be Moved" phrase and could send it to me that would be great I had to reboot my computer and lost some images.

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