Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crew vs Revs (part 2)

Well here is the second part of my pictures from the NE game.

Recently MLS Rumors has made serious and totally baseless statements accusing me of amongst other things being a nazi. These are serious allegations which have made me quite furious, to accuse someone of something like that without ever speaking to that person is outrageous. I am seriously offended by this I can not believe a site that portrays itself as an MLS news and rumors site would make such inflammatory and baseless statements. My images are just for fun and more based off old russian and soviet pictures. MLSR has become nothing more than a worthless inflammatory site that is making slanderous statements without any thought to what they mean or having checked any of their so called "facts". Anyone who has seen my site via their links I invite you to check my posts and challenge you to find any racist statements or nazi insignia. Also Should the "writer" over at MLSR accept crewture's invite to the podcast I have asked to be another guest speaker. Perhaps hiding behind the shroud of internet anonymity makes it easy to say such erroneous things but calling me that to my face is something else entirely. Anyways sorry to rant, here are my images from this weeks game.


buckeyeboy.903 said...

how about makin a banner for the next home game about how we're not what MLSR says, i can't think of anything, but you do a good job with pics so i figured you might be able to think of something. just food for thought

The Ultra said...

I think at this point the "Never back down, Never Give in, Never Quit" banner would be especially pertinent at this point.

buckeyeboy.903 said...

i like your thinkin!!!!