Monday, March 24, 2008

The Banner

The North End is, as we all know, is gone. However it has been replaced with what has now been popularly christened the Nordecke (German for north corner i believe) and with this new section seems to come new unity and drive among the supporters. So with that spirit I bring you my ideas for the Nordecke banner. A discussion that was first started over on BS by our man over at crewture has stirred up a good bit of interest so here it is my thoughts on a banner for the Nordecke...

I've been reading you're posts on big soccer and added a 5th idea based off what I've been reading. It's replaced the much maligned Banner 1, so here ya go, let me know what you think.

Banner 1

Banner 2 (inspired by Crewfighters suggestion about the "Bad Boys Blue")

Banner 3

Banner 4

1 comment:

Crewfighter said...

nice banners.

hey could you make an image with TFC fans freaking out with I love Bill Archer shirts and A Sign Bill Archer Fan Boys.