Saturday, March 29, 2008

Match Day Madness

Can You Hear Toronto Sing!?

Lord knows i couldn't, those poor little frost babies didn't have much to sing about.
The atmosphere at todays game was the absolute best i've ever seen, so many people out singing and screaming and cheering on the mighty crew. I very much hope we can keep up similar numbers through the season. Now I know that this was a particularly big game but hell I can't help but get caught up in it. Amazing, amazing support everyone, lets keep it up.
Here are the pictures I took today at the match, just a few i was to busy singing like an idiot to take that many. I'll have propagandized versions of 'em up later, thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Awesome, awesome photos! It really was a great day.

hey, btw dude, your artwork rocks. The throwback communist propaganda imagery really works awesome with the blue-collar working-man ethic the crew is styled as.

Keep being awesome, and Go Crew!