Monday, March 17, 2008


Well here I am posting the very first in what i hope to be a series of semi-successful bloggings.
I'm aware that what I'm doing here could be considered simply adding to the scored of the much maligned and always hated Fan Art. However I say I'm not adding to it, no i will be so arrogant as to say I'm Creating it. MLS has a woeful shortage of simple things such as wallpapers, screen savers,and interesting graphic design. If a league is going to have success it's going to need a buzz around it, and that buzz comes not only from the teams and player but from the fans. So to add to everyone's rumoring and water cooler buzzing I am going to (if anyone happens to read this) give ya something to look at.

Now I plan to do this mostly through my reliance on my own lameness that compels me to do such things as cobble together wallpapers and pictures about the teams I love. However once the games roll around I plan to do this through taking pictures of the fans and of the action.
With any luck this will allow you (my only reader) to show off your team to your mates and maybe put my wall's on your computer.

Anyways thanks for reading here is my first of what will hopefully be many links


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ricotomas13 said...

Yes yes yes!!! This is what I've been looking for the past 12 years now! The Crew and it's hard working, blue collar motif should bring many images that are great for banners, wallpaper, shirts, and more splinter supporter groups. The potential is endless.