Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Now if we would all look just above we will see one of my hopeless fantasies.
No it's not Isla Fisher wearing little more than a jersey. No this hopeless fantasy has to do with a downtown stadium for my beloved crew.

Whilst in a state of extreme boredom earlier today i had the question of what would that stadium look like pop into my head and this is what came out the other side.

Now what happened is i busted out my good old friend google earth and used the wonderful measurement tool. From here i figured out roughly how many yards wide and long the stadium itself. What startled me was that when i checked it against the arena district it was about the same as nationwide arena. So I used that as my model for this fake little stadium. Now this fake stadium isn't without its troubles, to find space within the arena district i had to eat up the on-ramp and shuffle around railway lines that buzz right by.
Now the Highway exit shouldn't be to tough to fix, just flop it to the other side of the highway or put it a little up or down the road. (of course i say this in delicious ignorance to the enormous costs and gripes this causes) the rail lines could be a problem and i can honestly say i have no idea how to fix that. But hey who cares this is my fantasy and how god damn cool would this stadium be.
and here is my list of delusional perks.

1.) guaranteed a second MLS cup in the new ground
-this equals money money money
2.) Attractive to foreign players who might not want to play in an erector set by the filthy old fairgrounds.
3.) huge publicity for the team plus naming rights, which as we all know equals more of that tasty money.
4.)NIGHT OUT! people come to blue jackets games right now who dont give a damn about hockey. Why you ask, well its simple, its a night out. It's something to do, ya dont just go to the game and go home. No! you go get dinner then see a game, then maybe go to a club or bar and most importantly hang out in one of the coolest newest places in the city. This is huge! besides all the new people you see who will come to see the new stadium, you now get people who come out to make an evening out of the games

But, as we all know CCS will be around for a long time to come, it's an old pioneer who just got a new look. However it can't last forever, nope all things must come to an end and when that happens I'm thinking a certain district in the downtown will need a new touch to bring the hip edge to its now midlife stadiums. So when that day comes I dont care if i have to draw up the plans myself I want a stadium in the Arena District.

okay well thats enough madness, I'm off to do other equally useless things.
thanks for reading


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Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better my self, it would be the absolute perfect scenario, not to mention the fact it would be the coolest stadium in the league hands-down............some day