Sunday, April 13, 2008

Because Alcohol makes me Better...

What a game, what a game, what a game! A four to three barn burner of a match that results in the Crew defending Fort Columbus, And I remember almost none of it. After about 4 hours of drinking pitcher after pitcher with the boys back at the bar on what amounts to an empty stomach. Followed by polishing off a bottle of 50/50 with a few hits of soco mixed in between anything prior to the 50th minute is really just a haze. As a result I only took two pictures of the crowd and made quite the ass out of myself. So Sadly this game I do not have any images for you this week. However all is not lost I've since decided that I wont get quite so smashed from here on in. That or just maybe eat something before I show up at the bar, either way I hope to be a little more coherent for Houston. Anyways I wont have any Propaganda based off our little Goat sacrifice this week but I'll try to have some new images up for all of you sometime this week.

Also I'd like to thank everyone I met this week who said they have one of my images on their computer. Things like that do wonders for my ego and make it all worth the effort.

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Matt said...

"Defend Columbus" would look great on a black t-shirt.