Monday, April 21, 2008

DC Road Trippin' (Part-1)

Well this weekend was one of the most ridiculous I've had in a long time. But after all the madness We made it back home with three points and a hell of a story. But more importantly I was sober enough for this trip to take pictures. But I took a bit to many, and I'm dividing it into two part. The first part will take it right up to the march in, so without further delay...

Jericho, Crewfighter, myself and others stranded just short of our hotel.

Crewfighter pondering the Metro Map as we make our way to the stadium after hitching a ride from a cop.

We make it to the game and are welcomed by a lovely Black and Gold Banner letting everyone know who's house this is tonight.

Keep the Gold Flag Flying High.

Crewfighter (aka Ryan) double fisting prior to the march into the game.

The Group as we get ready to march into the game.

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