Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DC Road Trippin' (Part-2)

Well after the saga that was the trip down we finally made it down to RFK. Now this took a ride from a cop, instruction from two DC kids that made me feel like an idiot, and a conversation with several Barra Bravan's on the escalator trip out of the Metro. But we did make it to the game and thankfully Jericho made it to see at least half. So here ya are the shots from the game. Sorry if they're not as good as the pics from CCS. But hey come on RFK is a shit hole and we were way off the pitch compared to any Crew game


The toughest toddlers in the stadium, we took more smack from these little kids than the rest of the stadium believe it or not.

The defense bending but not breaking as the second half nervously closes out

The team thanking the supporters in style, showing great class.

RFK = CCS East

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