Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Internet Junk

We all know the best thing to do on the interwebs is to buy crazy things. With this in mind I figured I'd give it a go. So here it is the long un-awaited Ultra Internet Store! Now this isn't me sitting here with an iron and blank t-shirts no sir, this is me posting different things that my brain craps out to a site that will make custom items. With this site even you can have an internet store! But more importantly you can buy my stuff, and I get a cut. A tiny cut but a but a cut none the less. Now I will be posting more random things later on however for the moment I only have six things for you to blow your cash on. The way the site works is I receive a small percentage of all purchases and once that reaches twenty five bucks or so they cut me a check.

Also two of the items on their are HSH and Union logo clad, and for any profit I make off those items I will give to the groups to help fund, beer, streamers, smoke bombs and kickbacks to the FO to keep Blake from being kicked out again.

so here's the link

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Chris said...

Great stuff here all around, Ultra. Thanks for the effort!